What A Rush


A view of the Norwood Theatre stage from the tech table.

Sunday January 27, 2013 –  when three shows converged in a single day.

We finished the final performance of Next To Normal at the newly renovated Norwood Theatre. This was a big deal – we had been asked to bring our black box production of the show to this beautiful, large venue for a 3-show weekend.  It was a great experience for the cast and crew.  And I had a chance to work with a brandy new, full-out awesome half-million dollar sound system, including a Soundcraft V1i board (!) and JBL line arrays.  But alas, there is always the post-show let down after the final performance – and yes I still suffer from this… after every production.  I really wanted to celebrate with the cast but after one drink the melancholy was rising and I needed to leave.

On my way home I made a decision to drive back to Mansfield instead and attend the first read-through of Hollywood Arms with the NERC cast and production staff. Normally this takes place at the rehearsal space in MMAS.  But since another show was already in rehearsal, it was held at a local restaurant.  This turned out to be a great idea – I got to meet the cast and they got to hear many of the musical sound cues during their first reading.  Psychologically, it helped me push through the temporary sadness that was lurking just below the surface.  Two hours later, we left the restaurant with smiles on our faces, dinner in our stomachs and a rehearsal schedule for the next few months.  But the night was not over.

I walked the block from the restaurant back to MMAS just in time to attend a rehearsal of Cabaret that was going up in February.  I met the cast as they were moving rehearsals into the blackbox space.  I think this was the point at which the production team decided to stage the performance in-the-round.  This turned out to be a brilliant decision and while watching the night’s rehearsals, it was also the point at which we began talking about mic’ing some of the actors.

Wow!  I don’t think of myself as an adrenaline junkie, but this was a genuinely exhilarating day.  I got home at 11pm  exhausted but somehow re-charged after starting the day at noon up in Norwood.   And yes I wouldn’t mind getting repeat doses of that feeling on a regular basis.

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