Upgrading to WordPress 2.8

Mission accomplished!  A couple of weeks ago, my aging version of WordPress (2.61 I think) just sorta flaked out.  Specifically I couldn’t save edits to either posts or pages either new or existing entries.  I found similar forum entries over the last month from folks on the WordPress site – everything working fine for the last 10-12 months then suddenly bam! the online editor is unable to save changes.  Very strange… and the only constructive feedback was to upgrade.  I’m not a timid guy but I just haven’t felt the need to upgrade.  And I have made some fairly significant mods to the dowloaded theme – The Morning After ( I love this theme!  kudos to Arun Kale for the theme design and folks like Nick Bohle providing support).  Once this hangup occurred I started to panic about losing my (admittedly tiny) content.

Anywhooooo… I choked down the fear and learned a few things about backing up MySQL databases and WordPress files.  Bottom line – the upgrade directions were straightforward and the “operation” went off without a hitch.  I haven’t even found a need for any theme-level tweaks… yet.  And the editor now works so I’ve lost any excuse for not posting.

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