Updating the podcast list


Over the last couple of months I’ve re-started my podcast listening and have focused down on just a few.  Maybe you’ll find some of these useful/entertaining.

They fall into a couple of categories:

Music and Sound Design

  • Art + Music + Technology – hosted by Darwin Grosse of Cycling 74.   A weekly podcast of musicians, visual artists and technologists.  A regular source of inspiration.
  • Tonebenders – I just recently discovered this one.  It’s mostly focused on sound for film but I always find little sound design goodies lurking in the interviews.
  • Sound Design Live – interesting interviews with folks from the live sound world.

Tech News

  • Daily Tech News Show – hosted by Tom Merritt and a rotating set of co-hosts – a good half-hour summary of hot tech topics.   I’ve listening to Tom since he was at CNET with Molly Wood.
  • Cordkillers – Another of Tom’s podcast, this one focused on topics around alternatives to the cable TV lockdown.

News and …

  • On Point – Tom Ashbrook is the man.  An always eclectic mix of interviews about current events, culture.
  • Radio Open Source – Ahhh Christopher Lydon… this was the first podcast I discovered back in the early days of podcasting.  Another one of those fun mixes of topics.

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