The Sound Behind the Image – Ben Burtt

I saw this this one zip by on Twitter… The BFI is hosting a presentation by Ben Burtt, the sound designer for the Star Wars movies.  Now if I only lived in England.

Say what you will about the newer movies in the series, I remember clearly how stunned I was by the music and the sound of the original three films.  John Williams became familiar to millions through his soundtrack music.  But I remember the soundscape at least as much.  And I remember seeing some of the behind-the-scenes documentaries showing Ben Burtt’s work on developing the sound effects.

In the early 80’s I read Dale Pollock book, Skywalking – The Life and Films of George Lucas.  In it, Lucas mentioned that sound provided at least 50% of impact of a film.  I thought this was surprising coming from a film maker.  But he was right Luke… he was right.  And of course the tech creations from Lucas/Burtt include THX, Skywalker Ranch studios, etc.

I’d love to hear comments from anyone who was able to attend.

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