The Brass Choir Experiment

One of the joys of being a brass player is being able to play in a brass choir – a small group  covering the range of brass instruments from trumpet to tuba.   My favorite composer of music for brass choir was always Giovanni Gabrieli.  But alas it’s difficult to find opportunities to play this type of music if you’re not a full-time musician or  associated with a college music program.  I decided to try an experiment and use the EVI to record a couple of phrases from a favorite Gabrieli piece.

In this case, the music was written for a double choir.

  • Choir 1:  2 Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone
  • Choir 2:  2 Trumpets, Trombone, Tuba


Download GabrieliProject.mp3

I wanted to keep the feel as “live” as I could so I set a goal to record all eight parts within an hour.  This was a little ambitious, but I did manage to get all parts recorded within 90 minutes.  I spent another 30 minutes mixing the tracks and decided to add a cathedral-style reverb.  The recording isn’t perfect (like a live performance) but I’m encouraged and plan to go back and record the entire piece.

I hope you like it.  Comments welcome.


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