Jon Stewart at the Kennedy Center Honors

KCH_2009_Jon_StewartBrilliant!  Jon Stewart’s introduction of Bruce Springsteen at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony:

“I am not a music critic, nor historian nor archivist.  I cannot tell you where Bruce Springsteen falls in the pantheon of the American Songbook.  I cannot illuminate the context of his work or its roots in the folk and oral history traditions of this great nation.  But I am from New Jersey.  And so I can tell you what I believe.  And what I believe is this.  I believe that Bob Dylan and James Brown had a baby.  Yes.  And they abandoned this child, as you can imagine at the time, interracial, same-sex relationships being what they were.  They abandoned this child on the side of the road; between the exit interchanges of 8A and 9 on the New Jersey Turnpike.  That child is Bruce Springsteen.”

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