In A Small Room

Just an earI have been involved in music for more than 45 years.  Combine this with my love of engineering and by late high school I started helping with the sound for bands and theatre productions (mostly musical theatre).  Lots of time passes, lots of bands, lots of musicals and then lots of time with neither.  In 2009 I was introduced to “modern” theatre sound by a very good friend, Steve Devino.  After a 9-month “apprenticeship” I started working with a musical theatre group close to home.  Time passes… in late 2011, I was approached by another theatre organization  to do the sound design for a production of The 39 Steps.  I stayed on to help with subsequent shows and eventually became the resident sound designer/engineer at this wonderful 75-seat black box theatre at MMAS in Mansfield Massachusetts where I spend a majority of my evening hours designing sound and mixing the live performances.

I try to keep up with the technical evolution of sound gear and techniques by reading the standard magazines, web sites, etc..  But gradually I started feeling more frustrated and even a bit overwhelmed by all the high-end gear that is advertised and reviewed.  The focus is inevitably (and understandably) on sound for BIG acts at BIG venues, and you can’t help but lust after some of the equipment that these sound crews gets to work with.  BUT… it’s a total mismatch for my particular needs.  It’s all great information, but doesn’t help much in real life situation of staging plays and musicals in a small performance space, technically or financially.

I have officially fallen in love with my particular “small space“, with it’s constraints and it’s opportunities for creative sound design.  This blog will act as a journal for my continuing journey into creating enjoyable sound environments for audiences AND actors.  Perhaps others will find the information useful – both  directly and as a catalyst for discussion about this small niche within the much larger world of theatrical sound design and FOH for live performances.

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