I see my buddy Tom Doran is alive and well on the web. We worked together at Teradyne for a bunch of years, a bunch of years ago creating some cool simulation software. We share a love of all things Tower of Power. Tom from a bass player’s perspective, me […]

The Docta is in

Friday night (Jan 2nd) Paula and I went to Chan’s in Woonsocket to hear Ricky “King” Russell with the Cadillac Horns. Good food, great music… what could be better? I wish I could have taken some more pictures of the band but I was hesistant… not knowing their policy. The […]

Blues at Chan's

Need to get the posting/publishing ritual under my belt. So I decided to dredge up my original (abandoned) podcast attempt. The 3Loops intro – [podcast][/podcast]

3Loops podcast

We went to see a live performance of A Christmas Celtic Sojourn at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) last night. The show was hosted by Brian O’Donovan who is most well known locally for hosting the weekly radio program Celtic Sojourn on WGBH. It was a wonderful 3 hours! […]

Christmas Celtic Sojourn at the PPAC

Things I like… Pandora is a very cool music recommendation service combined with internet radio streaming.  Unlike many of the other “social recommendation” sites (voting, etc.) Pandora is based on a significant investment in describing music – the Music Genome Project.  Maybe it’s just my geeky side, but this approach […]

Pandora music