Hi I’m Bruce Webster – | husband | musician | sound designer/engineer |

I’m a recovering semiconductor test nerd who has rediscovered his love for sound as a storytelling tool in live theatre.

Thanks for stopping by.

And just to clear up any possible confusion… I’m NOT that Bruce Webster – the guy from the early days at Apple, or Byte magazine.

For a long time this site was called 3Loops.com – I still find it fascinating that within the same ears that let you listen to all the world’s cool stuff, lies a deeply buried mechanism – three loops – that provides balance for the whole body?

“The semicircular canals are the body’s balance organs, detecting acceleration in the three perpendicular planes. These accelerometers make use of hair cells similar to those on the organ of Corti, but these hair cells detect movements of the fluid in the canals caused by angular acceleration about an axis perpendicular to the plane of the canal.”

— From HyperPhysics/Sound/Ear – Georgia State University

For me, life is all about finding balance.

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