Everybody in theatre has personal rituals that they follow. Actors, individually and as a group, have warm-up exercises that they follow religiously.  I have pre-show routines that help me feel confident that all the speakers are powered up and that all the critical sound cues are operational.  And then there […]

Fight Call: Like a beautiful little dance

One of the nice things I inherited when I took over the sound design/engineering duties at the black box was a simple, overhead monitoring system for the actors onstage.  This makes great sense for a small(-ish) stage – always conserve real estate.  Normally this pair of speakers would provide a […]

A new use for on-stage monitors

As part of my work with Uncommon Theatre Company‘s Young Adult Company on their production of Heathers: The Musical at the Black Box, I was introduced to VirtualCallboard, a web-based  “arts management system”.  More specifically it’s meant to help organize, share and communicate theater production information among all the members […]

Working with VirtualCallboard

Over the last couple of months I’ve re-started my podcast listening and have focused down on just a few.  Maybe you’ll find some of these useful/entertaining. They fall into a couple of categories: Music and Sound Design Art + Music + Technology – hosted by Darwin Grosse of Cycling 74.   […]

Updating the podcast list

For our production of WIT, I wanted to create something new for several flashback scenes.  In the past, I’ve processed an individual actor’s mic with reverb + delay to create this type of effect.  But for WIT, the actors were not mic’d.  It’s funny how you get stuck in a […]

The Sound of a Flashback

I received a wonderful (if unintended) compliment during our run of Avenue Q.  It went something like this – “We  love seeing shows at the black box.  We get to hear the actors without all those crazy microphones and speakers.”  The reality of course was that we did use some […]

Without All Those Crazy Microphones

In talking with lots of community theater folks (actors, musicians, techies) one of the universal rites-of-passage is Les Miserable.  It is epic in almost every dimension imaginable and has a huge following.  My time came this past June with The Norton Singers.  From a sound engineering perspective Les Mis is […]

Death by Cee Lo

I came back from Moogfest in Asheville all motivated to create some new music and sounds for our production of WIT.  I sat down and got to work on a specific cue that needed to represent a diagnostic test, as given in a hospital.  I created a cool, multi-layered sound […]

It Sounds Like A Fart